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288 add

So many remixes!!!

You cant even get your song sometimes. There are so many remixes and adds!

I need help

For some reason Im unable to download or play anything. Please help!


Every time you re download the app you have to download all your music all over again and its extremely annoying. Half the songs I had before are "unavailable" whatever that means. I dont understand the point of having an account if you have to end up dealing with this every time you re download the app.

What happened? Please fix ASAP

I recently got a new device I was very happy that all of my music was still available once I signed back in to the app. Unfortunately I am no longer able to listen to music and exit out of the app which used to not be a problem. For example, I am no longer able to start listening to a song and go check a text message without the music stopping! I absolutely love this app but this would definitely taint a lot of taste buds!


This app poppin

Pretty good app just one thing.

It would be decent if you guys could bring in the loop button into your app. The loop button allows you too listen to a certain part of a song however many times you want. Just a theory

I Love It !

I love the app only thing id change is when you delete or log out of the app for it not to delete all of your music


Whats the point of making an account if my songs dont save when I delete the app!!!

HD audio is a must

I paid for the ad free version and have at least over 500 albums but when I download them, the quality isnt near as good as it is on Spotify. I have a download limit on Spotify which is why I use Spinrilla as well. It would also be nice if every artist had a section where all their singles are so I know what to download if I want a single

More Music Options

I love the fact that it allows you to not have internet. But, i would like to have a more diverse group of music.

I can listen to music anywhere!

I can listen to the best music on Spinrilla , EVEN if I dont have wifi! Its AWESOME!

Use to be better

A bunch of known name artist has took out some if not all of their songs from their Mixtapes. Yall Needa fix that I had to get a new 7plus cs my 6s broke & I used my same account but all my music was gone. This I very good app

Best app

This app really litt

Bad just bad

Bruh why are the songs becoming unavailable all of a sudden fix this asap!

Best App Ever

This is the only app that I know that doesnt ask for stars and I respect that and the ones that usually do ask are rlly bad. And its free music that u dont need wifi to listen to unless you didnt download it in your library i posted on my social medias for ppl to get this app all of my friends love it and Im only 11 You did good people!

Great app. Able to listen while offline

Love it


Baltimore Boomin!

Best Music

I love Spinrilla they right on time wit the music always makes me zone out when Im bored, busy and eating no matter what Im doing Spinrilla got me covered!!

It needs more r& b music mostly rap I mean good songs but I like other genres of music too

I loved the app until I got my new phone. Now all my music wont download back. The app keeps Glitching.

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