Spinrilla - Mixtapes & Music App Reviews

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So many good Tapes

Player itself probably isnt the best, but the collection of tapes is just awesome

Spinrilla keeping it real

Great app, but having a few seconds of silence between songs is off-putting

Sick app

Download this

Get it, enough said

I been had this app. I always seen the rate me, blah blah...always ignored it. but its time I gave the app love for holding me down with burr new tracks and mix tapes. The best part about it is downloading single songs, or the whole mixtape and having it in a library and it wont use up your data.




It doesnt play no more the music in explore while your wifi its on . When play a music its skipping until the music you already download. Its use to workkk perfectly!!!


No music is playing on the app or downloading fix the problem


Its awesome and it mostly all black songs yea still like white people songs but yea

Decent App

I have been looking for a good music app for a while then spinrilla saved me but now the explore page doesnt allow me to listen to music it constantly skips and lags my cellphone.......plz fix or ima need a new music app

Spinrilla doesnt work

Every time I click on a mixtape and try to listen to a song, the song keeps skipping to the next one over and over and then backs me out of the mixtape. Havnt been able to get new music in a week now! Please fix

App isnt playing music

The app isnt allowing me to play music from the explore page or music I try to search?.. Please fix this!

Was good, not anymore.

It was a good app but as of recently I cant download/play new music. Spinrilla skips through the songs on the explore page. Please fix this


Use to work perfectly, what happened ?

Used to be good

Doesnt even work anymore

W T F !!

Was my favourite app in life WHY WHY !! Fixxx thisss!

Great when it works !

Great app, when it was working. Everyone is having the same issue!! Please fix!


Cant download music, play, listen or see any albums or songs doesnt work at all . .

Used to be great

Cant listen to or download songs anymore.

Fix this please!

Used to be the best. Now it wont even play a song; let alone download! Brutal


Havent been able to play or add any new songs in over a week now.... this problem needs to be Fixed -__- #highly annoyed

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